10 Gbps Photodiodes

OSI Optoelectronics's FCI-InGaAs-36C is an OC-192 (SONET/SDH) capable photosensitive device, exhibiting low dark current and good performance stability.

Both Anode and Cathode contacts appear on the chip’s top facet. And it makes ideal component in high-speed optical data transport applications at 10Gbps, responding to a spectral envelop that spans from 910nm to 1650nm.

Image Datasheet Model Number Dark Current Capacitance Package Responsivity at 1310 nm Responsivity at 1550 nm Bandwidth Breakdown Voltage Chip Size Active Area Diameter View
PDF FCI-InGaAs-36C 0.5 nA 0.16 pF Bare Die 0.85 A/W 0.8 A/W 9 GHz 20 V 450 x 250 µm 36 µm View

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