1064 nm Optimize Photodetectors

The Nd:YAG Series of silicon photodetectors are  optimized for high responsivity at 1064nm, the Nd:YAG laser light wavelength.  They offer low capacitance and fast response times. Due to their low noise and high responsivity they are ideal for measuring low light intensities, like the light reflected from objects illuminated by a Nd:YAG laser beam for ranging applications.

The detectors can be operated both in photovoltaic mode (unbiased), for applications requiring low noise, or biased in the photoconductive mode, for high-speed applications.


Nd:YAG Pointing

Laser Pointing & Positioning

Position Measurement

Surface Profiling

Guidance Systems


1064nm high reponsivity

High Breakdown Voltage

Large Area

High Speed

High Accuracy

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