Backscatter Photodetectors

OSI Optoelectronics offers Annular Quadrant Backscatter Detectors. Available in TO-5 and TO-8 metal packages. Devices sensitive from 350nm to 1100nm. The 200um Laser drilled hole on the chap and the header make it ideal for coupling with LC ferrule.

Image Datasheet Model Number Active Area Active Area Dimensions Element Gap Responsivity @ 790nm Capacitance Dark Current Rise Time Package View
PDF SPOT4D-0 1.69 mm2 1.3 x1.3 mm 0.127 mm 0.52 A/W 5 pF 0.1 nA 5 ns TO-5 View
PDF SPOT9D-0 19.5 mm2 Ø 10 0.014 mm 0.52 A/W 60 pF 0.5 nA 6 ns Low Profile View

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