Broadband AR Coated Photodiodes

OSI Optoelectronics's latest product line includes a very low reflectance photodiode. Designed for telecommunication applications, the InGaAs/InP photodiode has a typical optical reflectance of less than .6% from 1520nm to 1620nm. This ultra low reflectance over the wide wavelength range was achieved by depositing a proprietary multi-layered Anti-Reflection coating directly onto the surface of the InGaAs/InP photodiode.

Image Datasheet Model Number Active Area Responsivity at 1310 nm Responsivity at 1550 nm Reflectance at 1550nm Dark Current Capacitance Package View
PDF FCI-InGaAs-WCER-LR 250 x 500 µm 0.85 A/W 0.90 A/W 0.5 % 1 nA 15 pF Wraparound Leadless Ceramic View

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