Detector Optical Filter Combination

The Detector-Filter combination series incorporates a filter with a photodiode to achieve a tailored spectral response. OSI Optoelectronics offers a multitude of standard and custom combinations. Upon request, all detector filter combinations can be provided with a NIST traceable calibration data specified in terms of Amps/Watt, Amps/lumen, Amps/lux or Amps/ footcandle.

Image Datasheet Model Number Active Area Active Area Dimensions Responsivity Spectral Match Shunt Resistance Capacitance Rise Time Package View
PDF PIN-10DF 100 mm² 11.28 Φ mm 0.15 A/W ± 7% 20 MΩ 1500 pF 0 µs BNC View
PDF PIN-10AP-1 100 mm² 11.28 Φ mm 0.27 A/W 4% (CIE Curve) 20 MΩ 1500 pF 0.15 µs BNC View
PDF PIN-555AP-1 100 mm² 11.28 Φ mm 0.27 A/W 4% (CIE Curve) 20 MΩ 1500 pF 0.1 µs Special View
PDF PIN-005E-550F 5.7 mm² 2.4 Φ mm 0.23 A/W - 500 MΩ 200 pF 0.1 µs TO-5 View
PDF PIN-005D-254F 5.7 mm² 2.4 Φ mm 0.025 A/W ( λ = 254 nm) - 300 MΩ 100 pF 0.1 µs ( λ = 254 nm) TO-5 View

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