Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detectors (PSD) One-Dimensional

The Super Linear Position Sensors feature state of the art duo-lateral technology to provide a continuous analog output proportional to the displacement of the centroid of a light spot from the center, on the active area. As continuous position sensors, these detectors are unparalleled; offering position accuracies of 99% over 64% of the sensing area. These accuracies are achieved by duo-lateral technology, manufacturing the detectors with two separate resistive layer, one located on the top and the other at the bottom of the chip. One or two dimensional position measurements can be obtained using these sensors. A reverse bias should be applied to these detectors to achieve optimum current linearity at high light levels.

Image Datasheet Model Number Active Area Active Area Dimensions Position Detector Error Inter-Electrode Resistance (min) Responsivity Dark Current Capacitance Rise Time Package View
PDF SL3-1 3 mm² 3 x 1 mm 3 µm 15 kΩ 0.4 A/W 5 nm 3 pF 0.04 µs TO-5 View
PDF SL5-1 5 mm² 5 x 1 mm 5 µm 20 kΩ 0.4 A/W 10 nm 5 pF 0.10 µs TO-8 View
PDF SL3-2 3 mm² 3 x 1 mm 3 µm 15 kΩ 0.4 A/W 5 nm 3 pF 0.04 µs 8-PIN DIP View
PDF SL5-2 5 mm² 5 x 1 mm 5 µm 20 kΩ 0.4 A/W 10 nm 5 pF 0.10 µs 8-PIN DIP View
PDF SL15 15 mm² 15 x 1 mm 15 µm 60 kΩ 0.4 A/W 150 nm 15 pF 0.60 µs 25-PIN DIP View
PDF SL30 120 mm² 30 x 4 mm 30 µm 40 kΩ 0.4 A/W 150 nm 125 pF 1.00 µs Ceramic View
PDF SL76-1 190 mm² 76 x 2.5 mm 76 µm 120 kΩ 0.4 A/W 100 nm 190 pF 14.00 µs Special View

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