Fully Depleted Radiation Photodiodes

The Large Active Area High Speed Detectors can be fully depleted to achieve the lowest possible junction capacitance for fast response times. They may be operated at a higher reverse voltage, up to the maximum allowable value, for achieving even faster response times in nano seconds. The high reverse bias at this point, increases the effective electric field across the junction, hence increasing the charge collection time in the depleted region. Note that this is achieved without the sacrifice for the high responsivity as well as active area.

The Large Active Area Radiation Detectors can also be fully depleted for applications measuring high energy X-rays, y-rays as well as high energy particles such as electrons, alpha rays and heavy ions. These types of radiation can be measured with two different methods. Indirect and direct.

Image Datasheet Model Number Active Area Peak Wavelength Responsivity @900 nm Dark Current Shunt Resistance Capacitance Package View
PDF OSD35-LR-A* 34.2 mm² 830 nm 0.54 A/W - 3 GΩ 1300 pF Ceramic View
PDF OSD35-LR-D* 34.2 mm² 830 nm 0.54 A/W - 0.3 GΩ 1300 pF Ceramic View
PDF PIN-RD07 7.1 mm² 900 nm 0.55 A/W 0.2 nA - 8.0 pF TO-8 View
PDF PIN-RD15 14.9 mm² 900 nm 0.58 A/W 1.0 nA - 14 pF TO-8 View
PDF PIN-RD100 100 mm² 950 nm 0.60 A/W 2 nA - 50 pF Ceramic View
PDF PIN-RD100A 100 mm² 950 nm 0.60 A/W 2 nA - 40 pF Ceramic View

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