Detector Amplifier Hybrid

FCI-H125/250G-GaAs-100 series with active area sizes of 100μm is a compact integration of our high speed GaAs photodetector with a wide dynamic range transimpedance amplifier. Combining the detector with the TIA in a hermetically sealed 4 pin TO-46 or TO-52 package provides ideal conditions for high speed signal amplification. Low capacitance, low dark current and high responsivity from 650nm to 860nm make these devices ideal for high-bit rate receivers used in LAN, MAN, and other high speed communication systems. TO packages come standard with a lensed cap to enhance coupling efficiency, or with a broadband double sided AR coated flat window. The FCI-H125/250G-GaAs-100 series is also offered with FC, SC, ST and SMA receptacles.

Image Datasheet Model Number Active Area Diameter Supply Voltage Supply Current Operating Wavelength Responsivity -17dBm (Differential) Transimpedence -17dBm (Differential) Sensitivity BER 10-10 (PRBS2-7-1) Bandwdith -3dB Low Frequency Cutoff -3dB Differential Output -3dBm Output Impedence Package Transimpedence Linear Range View
PDF FCI-H125G-GaAs-100 100 µm +3 to +5.5 V 26 mA 650 - 860 nm 1700 V/W 2800 Ω -26 dBm 900 MHz 45 KHz 250 mV p-p 50 Ω TO-46 or TO-52 50 µW p-p <5% View
PDF FCI-H250G-GaAs-100 100 µm +3 to +5.5 V 35 mA 650 - 860 nm 1650 V/W 2800 Ω -22 dBm 1700 MHz 30 KHz 400 mV p-p 50 Ω TO-46 or TO-52 65 µW p-p <5% View

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