High Speed Photodiode (1.25Gbps)

OSI Optoelectronics’s family of large active area and high speed silicon PIN photodiodes possesses a large sensing area optimized for short-haul optical data communication applications at 850 nm. The photodetectors exhibit high responsivity, wide bandwidth, low dark current and low capacitance at 3.3V. They are designed to match the most widely used transimpedance amplifiers. The photodiodes can be used in all 850nm transceivers and GBICs up to 1.25Gbps applications such as Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel. The chip is isolated in a 3 pin TO-46 package with options of micro lens cap or an AR coated flat window. They are also available in standard fiber receptacles such as FC, ST, SC and SMA. For availability in chip form please contact our sales department.

Image Datasheet Active Area Diameter Responsivity Dark Current Capacitance Rise Time Fall Time Package View
PDF 150 µm 0.36 A/W 20 pA 0.66 pF 38 ps 313 ps TO-18 View
PDF 250 µm 0.36 A/W 25 pA 0.96 pF 50 ps 429 ps TO-18 View
PDF 300 µm 0.36 A/W 30 pA 1.16 pF 69 ps 436 ps TO-18 View
PDF 400 µm 0.36 A/W 40 pA 1.73 pF 100 ps 449 ps TO-18 View

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