Planar Diffused Silicon Photodiodes

Multichannel array photodetectors consist of a number of single element photodiodes laid adjacent to each other forming a one-dimensional sensing area on a common cathode substrate. They can perform simultaneous measurements of a moving beam or beams of many wavelengths. They feature low electrical cross talk and super high uniformity between adjacent elements allowing very high precision measurements. Arrays offer a low cost alternative when a large number of detectors are required. The detectors are optimized for either UV, visible or near IR range.

They can be either operated in photoconductive mode (reverse biased) to decrease the response time, or in photovoltaic mode (unbiased) for low drift applications. A2V-16 can be coupled to any scintillator crystal for measuring high-energy photons in the X-ray and gamma ray region of electromagnetic spectrum. In addition, they have been mechanically designed, so that several of them can be mounted end to end to each other in applications where more than 16 elements are needed.


Level Meters

Optical Spectroscopy

Medical Equipment

High Speed Photometry

Computed Tomography Scanners

Position Sensors


Common Substrate Array

Ultra Low Cross Talk

UV Enhanced (A5V-35UV)

Low Dark Current

Low Capacitance


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