High Speed InGaAs Arrays

FCI-InGaAs-XXM series with 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels are parts of OSI Optoelectronics’s high speed IR sensitive photodetector arrays. Each AR coated element is capable of 2.5Gbps data rates exhibiting high responsivity from 1100nm to 1620nm. FCI-InGaAs-XXM, which comes standard on a wraparound ceramic submount, is designed for multichannel fiber applications based on standard 250mm pitch fiber ribbon. Also, board level contacts of 500mm make it easy to connect to your circuit.


High Speed Optical Communications

Single/Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Receiver

Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel


Optical Taps


High Speed

High Responsivity

Low Noise

Spectral Range 900nm to 1700nm

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