Photodiode-Amplifier Hybrids

The Photop™ Series, combines a photodiode with an operational amplifier in the same package. Photops™ general-purpose detectors have a spectral range from either 350 nm to 1100 nm or 200 nm to 1100nm. They have an integrated package ensuring low noise output under a variety of operating conditions. These op-amps are specifically selected by OSI Optoelectronics engineers for compatibility to our photodiodes. Among many of these specific parameters are low noise, low drift and capability of supporting a variety of gains and bandwidths determined by the external feedback components. Operation from DC level to several MHz is possible in an either unbiased configuration for low speed, low drift applications or biased for faster response time.


General Purpose Light Detection

Laser Power Monitoring

Medical Analysis

Laser Communications

Bar Code Readers

Industrial Control Sensors

Pollution Monitoring

Guidance Systems



Detector/Amplifier Combined

Adjustable Gain/Bandwidth

Low Noise

Wide Bandwidth

DIP Package

Large Active Area

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