High Speed InGaAs Photodiodes w/Pigtail Packages

The FCI-InGaAs-XX-XX-XX with active area of 75um and 120um are part of OSI Optoelectronics’s family of high speed IR sensitive detectors with fiber pigtail package. The single/multi-mode fiber is optically aligned to either the hermetically sealed InGaAs diode in TO-46 lens cap package enhancing the coupling efficiency and stability or directly to the InGaAs diode mounted on a ceramic substrate. High responsivity and low capacitance make these devices ideal for very high-bit rate receivers used in LAN, MAN, WAN and other high speed communication and monitoring/instrumentation systems. Angle polished connectors and custom packages are also available.


High Speed Optical Communications

Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel


Optical Power Monitoring /



High Speed

High Responsivity

Spectral Range 900nm to 1700nm

Low Back Reflection

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