Lead Frame Molded Photodiodes

OSI Optoelectronics offers a line of high quality and reliability plastic encapsulated photodiodes. These molded devices are available in a variety of shapes and sizes of photodetectors and packages, including industry standard T1 and T13/4, flat and lensed side lookers as well as a surface mount version (SOT- 23). They are excellent for mounting on PCB and hand held devices in harsh environments.

They have an excellent response in the NIR spectrum and are also available with visible blocking compounds, transmitting only in the 700-1100 nm range. They offer fast switching time, low capacitance as well as low dark current. They can be utilized in both photoconductive and photovoltaic modes of operation.


Bar Code Readers

Industrial Counters

Measurement and Control

IR Remote Control

Reflective Switches


High Density Package

Rugged Molded Package

Low Capacitance

Low Dark Current

Lead Frame Standard


Molded Lens Feature

Side Lookers

Filter on Chip (700nm Cutoff)

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