Large Active Area InGaAs Quadrants

FCI-InGaAs-QXXX series are large active area InGaAs photodiodes segmented into four separate active areas. These photodiodes come in 1mm and 3mm active area diameter. The InGaAs Quad series with high response uniformity and the low cross talk between the elements are ideal for accurate nulling or centering applications as well as beam profiling applications. They exhibit excellent responsivity from 1100nm to 1620nm, and are stable over time and temperature, and fast response times necessary for high speed or pulse operation. The photodiodes are packaged in isolated TO-5 or TO-8 cans with a broadband double sided AR coated flat window, and also can be mounted on ceramic substrate per request.


Position Sensing

Beam Alignment

Beam Profiling


High Responsivity

Low Noise

Spectral Range 900nm to 1700nm

Low Crosstalk

Wide Field of View

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