Tetra-Lateral Position Sensing Detectors (PSD) Two-Dimensional

Tetra-lateral position sensing detectors are manufactured with one single resistive layer for both one and two dimensional measurements. They feature a common anode and two cathodes for one dimensional position sensing or four cathodes for two dimensional position sensing.

These detectors are best when used in applications that require measurement over a wide spacial range. They offer high response uniformity, low dark current, and good position linearity over 64% of the sensing area.

Image Datasheet Model Number Active Area Active Area Dimensions Position Detector Error Inter-Electrode Resistance (min) Responsivity Dark Current Capacitance Rise Time Package View
PDF SC-4D 6.45 mm² 2.54 x 2.54 mm 0.08 µm 3 kΩ 0.42 A/W 5 nA 20 pF 0.66 µs TO-5 View
PDF SC-10D 103 mm² 10.16 x 10.16 mm 1.3 µm 3 kΩ 0.42 A/W 25 nA 300 pF 1 µs Special View
PDF SC-25D 350 mm² 18.80 x 18.80 mm 2.5 µm 3 kΩ 0.42 A/W 100 nA 1625 pF 5 µs Special View
PDF SC-50D 957 mm² 30.94 x 30.94 mm 5 µm 3 kΩ 0.42 A/W 250 nA 3900 pF 5 µs Special View

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