Two Color Photodiodes

*The PIN-DSIn is also available with two state Thermo-Electric Cooler in a TO-8 package. For order please refer to model number PIN-DSIn-TEC.

Dual Sandwich Detectors or Two Color Detectors are mostly employed for remote temperature measurements. The temperature is measured by taking the ratio of radiation intensities of two adjacent wavelengths and comparing them with the standard black body radiation curves. The advantages of optical remote measurement have definitely made these devices the perfect match for this type of measurements. They are independent of emissivity and unaffected by contaminants in the field of view or moving targets. In addition, measurements of targets out of the direct line of sight and the ability to function from outside RF/EMI interference or vacuum areas are possible. They also have the advantages of overcoming obstructed target views, blockages from sight tubes, channels or screens, atmospheric smoke, steam, or dust, dirty windows as well as targets smaller than field of view and/or moving within the field of view. These detectors can also be used in applications where wide wavelength range of detection is needed.


Flame Temperature sensing


Dual-wavelength detection

IR Thermometers for Heat Treating, induction heating, and other metal parts processing



Hermetically Sealed

Low Noise

Wide Wavelength Range

Remote Measurements

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