10 Gbps InGaAs Photodiode

Electro-Optical Characteristics

OSI Optoelectronics' FCI-InGaAs-36C is an OC-192 (SONET/SDH) capable photosensitive device, exhibiting low dark current and good performance stability. Both Anode and Cathode contacts appear on the chip's top facet and it makes ideal component in high-speed optical data transport applications at 10Gbps, responding to a spectral envelope that spans from 910nm to 1650nm

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Product Applications

  • High Speed Optical Communications
  • OC-192
  • Optical Networking
  • Optical Measurement

Product Features

  • High Speed, 10 Gbps Data Rates
  • Low Dark Current
  • Front Illuminated
  • High Responsivity, Typ. 0.8 A/W @ 1550nm
  • Diameter of Light Sensitive Area 36┬Ám 
  • Low Capacitance

Electro-Optical Characteristics

Model Number Responsivity 1310nm Responsivity 1550nm Dark Current Capacitance Bandwidth Breakdown Voltage Package Click Image to Zoom
FCI-InGaAs-36C 0.85 A/W 0.8 A/W 0.5 nA 0.16 pF 9 GHz 20 V FCI-InGaAs-36C No image found for (FCI-InGaAs-36C)