622Mbps Photodiode Amplifier Hybrid

InGaAs Photodetectors/Transimpedance Amplifiers

FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75 series are high-speed 75µm InGaAs photodetector integrated with wide dynamic range transimpedance amplifier. Combining the detector with the TIA in ahermetically sealed 4 pin TO-46 package provides ideal conditions for high-speed signal detection and amplification. Low capacitance, low dark current and high responsivity of the detector, along with low noise characteristics of the integrated TIA, give rise to excellent sensitivity.

In practice, these devices are ideal for datacom and telecom applications. Cost effective TO-46 packages come standard with a lensed cap for design simplification, or with a broadband double-sided AR coated flat window. The FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75 series are also offered with FC, SC, ST and SMA receptacles.

InGaAs 1.25-2.5Gbps Amplifier Hybrid

Product Applications

  • High Speed Optical Communications
  • ATM
  • SONET OC-3 / OC-12
  • SDH STM-1 / STM-4
  • Optical Receivers

Product Features

  • Low Noise Transimpedance Amplifier
  • High Bandwidth / Wide Dynamic Range
  • Single +3.3V Power Supply
  • Spectral Range 1100nm to 1650nm
  • Differential Output

Electro-Optical Characteristics

Model Number Active Area Diameter Supply Voltage Supply Current Operating Wavelength Responsivity Transimpedence Sensitivity Bandwidth Differential Output Output Impedence Package Click Image to Zoom
FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75 75 µm +3 to +3.6 V 22 mA
0 to 70°C
1100 to 1650 nm 16 V/mW
18 kΩ
-32 dBm
BER 10-10; PRBS2-7-1 with noise filter
520 MHz
-3dB; Small Signal
240 mV p-p
75 Ω
FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75 No image found for (FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75)

Electro-Optical Characteristics

Model Number Optical Overload (min) Storage Temp Operating Temp SupplyVoltage2 Input Optical Power Package Click Image to Zoom
FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75 0 dBm From -40 to 125 °C From -40 to 85 °C From 0 to 5.5 V From --- to -3 dBm FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75 No image found for (FCI-H622M-InGaAs-75)