Photodiode Amplifier Hybrids

These detectors are integrated with pre-amplifier inside the same package. They produce voltage output proportional to incident light intensity. A variety of gains and bandwidths are determined by external feedback components of customers’ choosing.

Silicon Photop Series

Photop™ Series

The Photop™ Series, combines a photodiode with an operational amplifier in the same package. Photop general-purpose detectors have a spectral range from either 350 nm to 1100 nm or 200 nm to 1100 nm. View Products & Descriptions

1.25 Gbps Photodiode Amplifier Hybrid

1.25Gbps Photodiode Amplifier Hybrids

FCI-H125G-10 A low noise, high bandwidth photodetector plus transimpedance amplifier designed for short wavelength (850nm) high speed fiber optic data communications. View Products & Descriptions

Silicon BPX65-100


The BPX65-100 receiver contains a BPX-65 ultra high speed photodiode coupled to an NE5212 (Signetics) transimpedance amplifier. Standard products include ST and SMA connector versions. View Products & Descriptions