Two Dimensional Photodiode Array

PIN-4X4D: 4x4 Photodiode Array

The PIN-4X4D is a 4 by 4 array of superblue enhanced Photodetectors. Our proprietary design provides virtually complete isolation between all of the 16 elements. The standard LCC package allows easy integration into your surface mount applications. Numerous applications include Ratio and Scattering measurements, as well as Position Sensing. For custom packages, special electro-optic requirements, or to order these parts in die form, please contact our Applications group.

Silicon Two Dimensional Array

Product Applications

  • Scattering Measurements
  • Position Sensing

Product Features

  • Fast Response
  • Extremely Low Cross-Talk
  • Surface Mount Design

4X4D: 4x4 Photodiode Arrays

Model Number Active Area Active Area Dimensions Peak Wavelength Responsivity Shunt Resistance Capacitance Package Click Image to Zoom
PIN-4X4D 1.96 mm² 1.4 x 1.4 mm 850 nm 0.35 A/W 0.01 MOhm 35 pF Ceramic LCC No image found for (PIN-4X4D)
UDT-4X4D 1.0 mm² 1.0 x 1.0 mm 810 nm 0.40 A/W 0.01 MOhm 35 pF Ceramic LCC No image found for (UDT-4X4D)
Non-condensing temperature and storage range, Non-condensing environment.
All Electro-Optical specifications are given on a per element basis.