Position Sensing Detectors

Following are the products specifically designed for position sensing applications. Segmented and Lateral Effect PSD are available in 1-Dimensional or 2-Dimensional Active Areas.  Available in a variety of active area sizes and packaging to suit wide-ranging applications. Segmented Detector is typically used in beam nulling application while Lateral Effect PSDs are most suited to measure wide lateral displacement.

Silicon Segmented Photodiode

Segmented Photodiodes

The SPOT Series are common substrate photodetectors segmented into either two (2) or four (4) separate active areas. View Products & Descriptions

Sum and Difference Amplifier Module

Sum and Difference Amplifier Modules

QD7-0-SD or QD50-0-SD are quadrant photodiode arrays with associated circuitry to provide two difference signals and a sum signal. View Products & Descriptions

Silicon DuoLateral PSDs

Duo Lateral PSDs

The Super Linear Position Sensors feature state of the art duo-lateral technology to provide a continuous analog output proportional to the displacement of the centroid of a light spot from the center, on the active area. View Products & Descriptions

Silicon Tetra Lateral PSDs

Tetra Lateral PSDs

Tetra-lateral position sensing detectors are manufactured with one single resistive layer for both one and two dimensional measurements. View Products & Descriptions