Reading Resources & Papers


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  1. 3D single-particle tracking and optical trap measurements on adhesion proteins
  2. AMLCD flicker model considering the V/sub T/ shift in a-Si:H TFT
  3. Assembly of Photosystem I
  4. Assembly of Photosystem I. II. Rubredoxin is required for the in vivo assembly of FX in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 as shown by optical and EPR spectroscopy
  5. Correlation of the V/sub T/ drift in a-Si:H TFT to the optically observed flicker increase in AMLCD
  6. Design and Construction of a Variable Gain Amplifier for Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy
  7. Determination of ammonia in environmental samples using the diode laser/fiber optic colorimetric spectrometer
  8. Dissociation of Highly Excited NO2 Induced by Collisions with Ar, CO, and O2
  9. Excitation-calcium release uncoupling in aged single human skeletal muscle fibers
  10. GTP hydrolysis by purified. alpha.-subunit of transducin and its complex with the cyclic GMP Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor?
  11. Instrument for Evaluating Phase Behavior of Mixtures for Supercritical Fluid Experiments
  12. Kinetic Properties of DM-Nitrophen Binding to Calcium and Magnesium
  13. Monitoring Anodic Silicon Dissolution in Acidic Fluoride Electrolyte by the Mirage Effect
  14. Multi-pulse laser-induced plasma spectroscopy using a single laser source and a compact spectrometer
  15. Multiscale Ice Fluidity in NO x Photodesorption from Frozen Nitrate Solutions
  16. Nanoscale fibrillar crystals of PET from dilute quiescent solution
  17. Oxygen isotopic fractionation in the photochemistry of nitrate in water and ice
  18. Polymer melt rheology with high-pressure CO2 using a novel magnetically levitated sphere rheometer
  19. Rapid rotation of micron and submicron dielectric particles measured using optical tweezers
  20. Salt Dependence of the Elasticity and Overstretching Transition of Single DNA Molecules
  21. Shape Evolution and Stress Development during Latex-Silica Film Formation
  22. Single molecule force spectroscopy of salt-dependent bacteriophage T7 gene 2.5 protein binding to …
  23. Single-molecule DNA digestion by lambda-exonuclease
  24. Spatial dependence of the optical collection efficiency in flow cytometry
  25. Surface Morphology, Molecular Reorientation, and Liquid Crystal Alignment Properties of Rubbed …
  26. Synthesis of novel polypyromellitimides with n-alkyloxy side chains and their liquid-crystal aligning property
  27. Synthesis, characterization and liquid crystal-aligning properties of new poly {3-[4-(n-alkyloxy) phenyloxy]pyromellitimide}s
  28. Thermally perturbed barodiffusion in a binary liquid mixture
  29. Time-resolved Fourier transform spectroscopy with 100-ps acquisition time
  30. Two-Dimensional Chromatographic Array Detector Using Laser Induced Flourescent with Autoranging
Life Sciences
  1. A biosensor based micromechanical interrogation of living cells
  2. A Fast Robotic Eye/head System: Eye Design and Performance
  3. A force transducer for measuring mechanical properties of single cardiac myocytes
  4. A low-cost sensor for measuring spatiotemporal variation of light intensity on the streambed
  5. Actin filament mechanics in the laser trap
  6. Activity of long-wavelength cones under scotopic conditions in the cyprinid fish Danio aequipinnatus
  7. An architecture for flexible manufacturing cells with alternate machining and alternate sequencing
  8. An Integrated Laser Trap/Flow Control Video Microscope for the Study of Single Biomolecules
  9. Birefringence-based eye fixation monitor with no moving parts
  10. Cardiac-like behavior of an insect flight muscle
  11. Cell analysis system based on compact disk technology
  12. Chlorophyll fluorescence of the testa of Brassica oleracea seeds as an indicator of seed maturity and seed quality
  13. Climbing Fiber Activation of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors on Cerebellar Purkinje Neurons. 
  14. Compact, Portable, Modular, High-performance, Distributed Tactile Transducer Device Based on Lateral Skin Deformation
  15. Comparison of Different Types of Light Sources for Optical Cotton Mass Measurement A Neural Network for Setting Target Corn Yields
  16. Comparison of Fluence Rate Distributions Made by Side-Firing Fibers in an Optical Phantom
  17. Cones contribute to light-evoked, dopamine-mediated uncoupling of horizontal cells in the mudpuppy retina
  18. Development of a real-time timing-shutter performance monitor for protein crystallography
  19. Development of an optical tweezer combined with micromanipulation for DNA and protein nanobioscience
  20. Development of single-molecule tracking confocal microscope combined with force spectroscopy for gene expression analysis
  21. DNA attachment to optically trapped beads in microstructures monitored by bead displacement
  22. Effects of Cone Adaptation on Variability in S-Cone Increment Thresholds
  23. Effects of hypothyroidism on maximum specific force in rat diaphragm muscle fibers
  24. Effects of stretch receptor ablation on the optomotor control of lift in the hawkmoth Manduca sexta
  25. Entropy and Heat Capacity of DNA Melting from Temperature Dependence of Single Molecule Stretching
  26. Force and Compliance Measurements on Living Cells Using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
  27. Force and compliance measurements on living cells using atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  28. Force-calcium relationship depends on myosin heavy chain and troponin isoforms in rat diaphragm muscle fibers
  29. Force-Dependent Stepping Kinetics of Myosin-V
  30. Force-Dependent Stepping Kinetics of Myosin-V
  31. Functional Recovery after Extra-ocular Muscle Deafferentation in the Rabbit
  32. Heterodyne detection for measuring extinction coefficient in mammalian tissue
  33. Heterodyne detection for measuring extinction coefficient in mammalian tissue
  34. High resolution gel-dosimetry by optical-CT and MR scanning
  35. Independent influences of rod adaptation on cone-mediated responses to light onset and offset in distal retinal neurons
  36. Interindividual Variation in Human Visual Performance
  37. Kinetic Effects of Fiber Type on the Two Subcomponents of the Huxley-Simmons Phase 2 in Muscle
  38. Kinetic limitations in turnover of photosynthetic bacterial reaction center protein
  39. Kinetics of onset of mouse sperm acrosome reaction induced by solubilized zona pellucida…
  40. Laser-activated shape memory polymer intravascular thrombectomy device
  41. Light Scattering Changes Follow Evoked Potentials From Hippocampal Schaeffer Collateral Stimulation
  42. Macular Pigment Optical Density before and after Cataract Extraction
  43. Macular Pigment Optical Density in a Southwestern Sample
  44. Maximum specific force depends on myosin heavy chain content in rat diaphragm muscle fibers
  45. Microfabricated cantilevers for measurement of subcellular andmolecular forces
  46. Modulation of negative work output from a steering muscle of the blowfly Calliphora Vicina
  47. Nitric oxide impairs Ca2+ activation and slows cross-bridge cycling kinetics in skeletal muscle
  48. Optical tracking and detection of immunomagnetically selected and aligned cells
  49. Phase Transition in Force during Ramp Stretches of Skeletal Muscle
  50. Plasticity in Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth Muscle
  51. Plasticity in Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth Muscle
  52. Portable Gage for Pressure Ulcer Detection
  53. Probing Ligland-Receptor Interactions With Atomic Force
  54. Relation between dietary intake, serum concentrations, and retinal concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin in adults in a Midwest population
  55. Response Kinetics of Tethered Rhodobacter sphaeroides to Changes in Light Intensity
  56. Rheological, Structural, and Stress Evolution of Aqueous Al2O3: Latex Tape-Cast Layers
  57. Rheo-optical determination of flow birefringence and flow dichroism with the pulsed laser method
  58. Selected Contribution: Mechanisms underlying increased force generation by rat diaphragm muscle fibers during development
  59. Selected Contribution: Mechanisms underlying increased force generation by rat diaphragm muscle fibers during development
  60. Submaximal power output from the dorsolongitudinal flight muscles of the hawkmoth Manduca sexta
  61. The effect of pantethine and ultraviolet-B radiation on the development of lenticular opacity in the emory mouse
  62. The Effect of Polyethylene Glycol on the Mechanics and ATPase Activity of Active Muscle Fibers
  63. The extraordinarily rapid disappearance of entoptic images
  64. The limit of photoreceptor sensitivity: Molecular mechanisms of dark noise in retinal cones
  65. The mechanical scaling of coasting in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
  66. The Role of F-Actin and Myosin in Epithelial Cell Rheology
  67. The roles of receptor noise and cone oil droplets in the photopic spectral sensitivity of the budgerigar, Melopsittacus undulatus
  68. Thin-foil magnetic force system for high-numerical-aperture microscopy
  69. Three-axis optical force plate for studies in small animal locomotor mechanics
  1. Ultraviolet imaging of a magneto-plasma dynamic thruster
  2. High-Performance Wide-Area Optical Tracking: The Hi-Ball Tracking System
  3. Laser interferometry for the Big Bang Observer
  4. The HiBall Tracker: high-performance wide-area tracking for virtual and augmented environments
  1. Effects of phase separation on stress development in polymeric coatings
  2. In situ measurements and analysis of imidization extent, thickness, and stress during the curing of polyimide films
  3. Optical coordination sensor for precision cooperating robots
  1. A low-cost sensor for measuring spatiotemporal variation of light intensity on the streambed
  2. A New Method for Feedback Stabilization of a Microwave Power Supply
  3. A Nonlinear State-Space Model of a Resonating Single Fiber Scanner for Tracking Control: Theory and Experiment
  4. A temporal method of avoiding the Cerenkov radiation generated in organic scintillator dosimeters by pulsed mega-voltage electron and photon beams
  5. Absolute absorption measurements of polymer films for optical waveguide applications by photothermal deflection spectroscopy
  6. Absolute photometric calibration of large aperture optical systems
  7. Absolute radiometry using silicon heterophotodiodes with the structure In2O3-SiOx-nSi
  8. Accuracy of position detection using a position-sensitive detector
  9. Alignment systems for the PHENIX muon tracking chambers
  10. Alignment Tools Used To Locate A Wire And A Laser Beam In The VISA Undulator Project
  11. Application of a Forward-Angle-Scattering Transmissometer for Simultaneous Measurements of Particle Size and Number Density in an Optically Dense Medium
  12. Characterization of a Fully Depleted CCD on High Resistivity Silicon
  13. Compact, passively Q-switched Nd: YAG laser for the Messenger mission to Mercury
  14. Cryogenic magnetic force microscope
  15. Current and optical noise of GaN/AlGaN light emitting diodes
  16. Dealing with Cerenkov radiation generated in organic scintillator dosimeters by bremsstrahlung beams
  17. Deep-UV generation by frequency quadrupling of a high-power GaAlAs semiconductor laser
  18. Design and fabrication of micromirror array supported by verticalsprings
  19. Design of a sensor for on-line measurement of loaded bend angle for pressbrake control. 
  20. Design of a vacuum-compatible high-precision monochromatic beam-position monitor for use with synchrotron radiation from 5 to 25 keV
  21. Detecting Near – UV and Near-IR Wavelengths With The Foveon Image Sensor
  22. Development of The Diode Laser/Fiber-Optic Spectrometer For Microanalysis Of A Droplet Sample
  23. Effect of lamp cycling on conversion and stress development in ultraviolet-cured acrylate coatings
  24. Effect of the modulation duty cycle on the amplitude of photoreflectance
  25. Electrical and optical characterization of the plasma needle
  26. Electro-optical instrument for photodetector characterization
  27. Experimental study of nanoparticle detection by optical gradient forces
  28. Fabrication of micro mirror array with vertical spring structure
  29. Fast and Slow Voltage Sensor Movements in HERG Potassium Channels
  30. Few-cycle-driven XUV laser harmonics: generation and focusing
  31. First Experimental Results with the Free Electron Laser Coupled to a Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope
  32. Frictional heat generation and seismic radiation in a foam rubber model of earthquakes
  33. Grazing impact oscillations
  34. Illumination Intensity Dependence of the Photovoltage in Nanostructured TiO 2 Dye-Sensitized Solar
  35. Laminar and Columnar Organization of Ascending Excitatory Projections to Layer 2/3 Pyramidal Neurons in Rat Barrel Cortex
  36. Laser-induced fluorescence measurements of three plasma species with a tunable diode laser
  37. Laser-Induced Heating in Optical Traps
  38. Low-cost high-resolution time-domain reflectometry for monitoring the range of reflective points
  39. Low-frequency noise of GaN-based ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
  40. Mechanoreceptors innervating soft cuticle in the abdomen of the hermit crab, Pagurus pollicarus
  41. Optomechanical design and fabrication of resonant microscanners for a scanning fiber endoscope
  42. Performance of a novel planar-processed avalanche photodiode for light and x-ray detection
  43. Phase shift microscopes
  44. Photoelectrochemical Characterization of Natural Copper Sulphide Electrodes in Alkaline Media: Effect of Xanthate
  45. Photorefractive image amplification at extremely low light levels
  46. Power spectrum analysis for optical tweezers II: Laser wavelength dependence of parasitic filtering, and how to achieve high bandwidth
  47. Random telegraph signals in charge coupled devices
  48. Relation between phase differences and small layer thicknesses
  49. SCI Team PDR Report
  50. Semiconductor Eyes
  51. Short-range tests of the equivalence principle
  52. Silicon resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetector arrays for optical interconnects
  53. Single-bubble sonoluminescence from noble gas mixtures
  54. The LEAF picosecond pulse radiolysis facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory
  55. The stability of quantum efficiency and visible light rejection of alkali halide photocathodes
  56. Two-Dimensional Tracking of ncd Motility by Back Focal Plane Interferometry
  57. Wavelength-resolved low-frequency noise of GaInN/GaN green light emitting diodes